CBD Soft Gels (25mg)


CBD Soft Gels (25mg)

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A variation of broad-spectrum CBD capsules are available in many online locations, but when you choose CR3 Earth Strong, you can feel comfortable that you’re receiving the best products in the CBD industry.

CR3 Earth Strong’s active cannabinoid emulsion droplet ingredient in each soft-gel is much smaller in size (approximately 25 nanometers smaller), compared to our industry competitor’s droplet, which is up to 40 times larger. Smaller particles dramatically maximize your absorption rate which will provide you with bioavailability that is distributed twice as fast than CBD delivered in oil form.

Our soft gels are made with broad spectrum oil and packed with phytonutrients that occur naturally. This means that the cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant make this product very synergistic.

CR3 Earth Strong provides a water-soluble, easy-to-follow soft gel with nanoemulsion technology. If you are looking for an efficient and effective CBD results during any time of the day, try our best seller, Premium THC-FREE 25mg CBD soft gels.