My name is Chris Pulley. October 2013 I was diagnosed with diabetes and suffered a stroke.CR3 Diabetes Association was there for me and family with supplies and a open heart to help.Charles made sure I had all my diabetes needs and educated us on this deadly disease and was a phone call away. Today I’m healthier and feel good. God really blessed me to have a great foundation like CR3 Association in my life who was there for me in a time of need.

Chris Pully

Angier, NC

I was very sick in February 2014 from diabetes. Thank you very much CR3 Diabetes Association for helping me get an insulin pump. God bless you!

Yahaya Alama


Dear Charles Ray III and Staff, I love the Medtronics 723 that you assisted me to get. It has taken some time for everything to fall into place. I have been using it for a little over a month now. My A1C has dropped from 7.0 to 6.2. It seems just learning carb. counting and preparing for the pump has improved my diabetes management. I have always been meticulous. Now it is easier. What is best so far is that I have been able to begin to lose some weight which was impossible when I was chasing “yesterdays’ long acting insulin with food, even if I did not want to eat. I have also noticed that I feel better with tighter management. I am recognizing how just being a little too high was effecting my mood and my energy level. I have even been in the hospital with a kidney infection. I talked the medical team into letting me keep my pump and manage my own diabetes. The nurses I am sure were thrilled and I kept in great control even with IV steroids on board. “SPIKE” as she has been named by my friends is tatamount to a gift from God. My only concerns are being able to continue to afford supplies but I have made that a priority in my life.An unexpected benefit was the emotional relief that came about a month after starting on the pump. I am a registered nurse who actually teaches others to live well while dealing with chronic diseases. I thought I was doing fine by taking my 4-6 insulin injections a day without making any big fuss about it. It was just part of my life. Then one night when it would have been just about time for me to get up and go take my Lantus, it dawned on me that I was not doing that any more. I had been proud of how well I thought I was handling being an insulin dependent diabetic. It is hard to explain the emotional release that came over me because of the changes pumping insulin has made in my day to day. I just sat there and cried.I am writing to apologize for the delay in getting a published statement about what a wonderful thing your organization has done to improve my ability to self manage my diabetes and thus be healthier. I promise it is on my mind. I want to write something that, well, sparkles. In the mean time, please know that I think of your contribution to improving the quality of my life everytime I handle my pump “SPIKE”. Thank you so much for all you do. For me, using an insulin pump has helped my health both physically and psychologically by greatly improving the quality of my life. I am grateful beyond words to CR3 Diabetes for their wonderful mission and generous dedication to helping people who would not otherwise have access to this technology and I wish every day that I could repay their gift.

Rebecca Day

Beaverton, OR

Dear Charles Ray, Thank you so much for providing me with an insulin pump. I have type 1 diabetes and have wanted and needed an insulin pump for years. However, my insurance company would not pay for a pump and I could not afford to buy one on my own. Over the years, my diabetes has not been in very good control but I managed. Then I got pregnant. My blood glucose numbers went crazy. Throughout the day, I often would go from highs in the 500’s to as low as 20. My husband had to give me glucagon twice and once he had to call the paramedics. My doctor said that I needed an insulin pump. My diabetes educator helped me connect with you. You immediately worked to get me a pump at a price that I could afford. As soon as I got on my new pump, my numbers started to get better. Now my blood glucose is in excellent control—in the range of pregnancy blood glucose targets. My doctor said that my baby is doing well! My pump is a beautiful purple! I love it! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Elvia Sanchez

Boardman, OR

Dear Chuck, A note of “thank you” falls short of how you have changed my life. As someone who was mistakenly diagnosed with Type II DM in my 50’s and could not get my BS lower that 300 for years on all oral medications, then winding up in an intensive care unit receiving IV insulin and finally being tested and confirmed as a Type I diabetic, my life has been dramatically changed. No one, including myself understands how an abnormal BS affects your entire being. Having been a dynamic figure in my area of expertise, I have been laid off twice- from both my last employers. I believe my inability to regular my BS is responsible. This last lay-off, I stayed on COBRA with a great expense so that I wouldn’t die. However, having to live on State Disability or now that it is running out, unemployment, is more than a financial challenge. Without you all, I would not be able to have the pump. What I want to impart after that history thoug h, is that the outcome of having a pump has made my life with Type I diabetes manageable. For the first time since my BS started to be abnormal, my A1C is less than 7. I owe my life, health and ability to work again to the pump. Therefore, I owe my life to you all for making it possible to obtain the supplies at a much lower cost. Without you and the pump, I believe my BS would once again be unmanageable. Words to describe how grateful I am, therefore, fall short of describing how I feel. Thank you CR3 Diabetes Association, Inc. from the depths of my heart. Thank You

Susan Lawson

Riverside, CA

Dear Chuck and all of the folks at the CR3 Diabetes Association, I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how thankful I am for all of your help in getting me supplies for my Insulin Pump at an affordable cost. I’ve been a type 1 diabetic for 51 years and I’ve had a stroke. I am only able to work part-time and the cost of all of my diabetic pump supplies and glucose test strips, just to name a few of the costs I must pay monthly, were getting to expensive for me to cover on my own. It was almost getting to the point where I couldn’t afford to be a diabetic. But with your help I can hopefully afford to keep using, and changing my supplies, as often as I need to. You folks have been a god send to me. Thank you very much for all of your help and keep up the great work you are doing for the diabetic community.

Tim Oswald

Rockford, IL

CR3 Diabetes Association has helped me out tremendously. I have decided to live and work abroad in Australia and since I am not a citizen I do not get covered for ongoing prescriptions. I didn’t want to give up my lifestyle of using my pump and I also didn’t want it to stop me from traveling. Because of the CR3 Diabetes Association I have been able to afford my medical supplies while traveling. I cannot thank this wonderful organization enough!

Rachel Seltzer

Alice Springs, Australia

I am delighted that I can receive insulin pump supplies and glucose testing strips at a fraction of what they would normally cost through the CR3 Diabetes Association. I have recently lost my job. As you know people with pre-existing health conditions have a hard time finding affordable health insurance.  I can’t thank the CR3 Diabetes Association enough for their help in getting these supplies at an affordable cost.

Susan Mullholland

Chicago, IL

My name is Candace Hart and I am a Type I Diabetic.  I have been given A Paradym 722 pump.  I have been a diabetic for 53 years.  Since I am unemployed this has been a God Send!  Thank you Charles Ray III Foundation for the pump, the Reservoirs and Infusions sets in future ordering.

Candace Hart

Lexington, TN

I have been a Type 1 diabetic for more than 30 years, and have been on an insulin pump for more than 20 years.  When I lost my job, I also lost my health insurance and was unable to afford the Cobra Insurance, so I became uninsured.  After I became uninsured, my insulin pump failed and I was faced with having to get another one, or going back to injections.  I could not afford the $2600 that Medtronics wanted for a new insulin pump, so they gave me the name of the CR3 Diabetes Association, to see if they could help me.  I am thankful to say, that the CR3 Diabetes Association was able to provide me with an insulin pump replacement that was exactly like the pump that had failed, and most importantly, for a contribution cost that I could afford.  If it were not for them, there would have been no way for me to acquire another insulin pump, and my diabetes would have spun out of control.  In addition to the insulin pump, CR3 Diabetes Association has been able to provide me with the pump supplies (reservoirs and silhouettes) that I need monthly, to allow the continued use of my insulin pump.  If it were not for Charles Ray III, I genuinely believe that my diabetes would have resulted in severe medical damages and injury.  I cannot express enough, my appreciation and thankfulness to this Association for assisting me in maintaining my health during my financially trying circumstances.  They have been a lifesaver to me.Thank you for your help in my time of need.

Dan Crew

Chattanooga, TN

Thank you CR3I Diabetes Association for my new insulin pump! I am under insured and my old pump was over 5 years old and malfunctioning, so being able to receive this new pump means a lot to me and my family.

F. Hatton

Cambellsville, KY

Hi my name is Domenick and there are no words for how amazing the CR3 foundation is. I’ve been a type 1 diabetic basically my whole life and always had health  insurance until recently.  As most of us know how costly supplies are its nice to know that there is help out there. An amazing assistance program called CR3 Diabetes Association, Inc..  I wish people knew how helpful this program is and hope people donate to such a great cause. Life is hard especially with diabetes and no insurance.Thanks  CR3 for all of your help.


Long Island, NY

I’ve had Type 1 diabetes for over 20 years.  I’ve been using an insulin pump for about 6 years.  In 2010 I got laid off from my full time position with benefits.  Shortly after my layoff the insulin pump I had broke. I found out about CR3  Diabetes Association and was able to get a new insulin pump, and the supplies for it.  Maintaining control of my diabetes is very important to me, with out the CR3 Diabetes Association I would not be able to continue my pump therapy. Thank you so much, I am VERY grateful!


Asha Reed

Oakland, CA

Before I was able to have this agency give me the amount of strips I truly needed to track my blood sugars I was on a roller coaster ride with my numbers for years.  As a Type 1 with no insulin pump yet I KNEW I HAD to test more often to get my sugars under control, but then if I bought the amount I needed I was making choices like: OK, it’s either enough strips for me to test 5-6x per day OR my family eats macaroni and cheese every night til they leave home!!  In essence it was my family’s health or mine…or another credit card maxxed out, then another, then another…. I am so grateful I can get the strips I need for such a low cost.  Now I am able to test as often as I need, changing my diet appropriately, and my numbers are leveling off!!  Having the strips I need makes this possible.  We shouldn’t have to choose between a shorter life span or having the diabetes strips we need.  But thanks to CR3 Diabetes Association I’m able to test as often as I need.-Thank you, Thank you!

Jeanne Haase

Jaffrey, NH

I would like to say that the CR3 Diabetes Association has done so much for me. I’ve tried to get insurance, but everyone turns me down because I’m pre-existing and your support to this organization helps me through the expense of diabetes. Without the help of this organization, the expenses would be overwhelming.

Keith Taylor

Pound, WI

I am a self-employed type 1 diabetic that does not currently qualify for health insurance.  As a result, I have had to pay out of pocket for all Dr.’s appointments, pump supplies, insulin, glucose test strips and lab work.  It is very costly.  CR3 Diabetes Association, Inc. has helped me by relieving a huge financial burden.  I am grateful that I can spend the money I save on pump supplies and glucose strips on my 6 year old twins instead.  Thank goodness I had insurance when they were born!  I love my job and working for myself.  Until things change about discrimination against pre-existing diseases in health insurance, or my husband changes a job that he loves, I likely will continue to live on a hope and a prayer that nothing goes seriously wrong with my health.  Thanks for what you do….it not only relieves me financially but helps relieve stress…..which we all know affects your blood sugar.

Jackie Newman

Branson, MO

My name is Dennis Hopkins and I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2001. I had insurance up until a couple of years ago and my wife and I were having a hard time keeping me in supplies once we lost our insurance. My wife kept trying to find somewhere to get supplies from that we could afford and my doctor’s office told us about the CR3 Diabetes Association.  I just started using the CR3 Diabetes Association and it is such a blessing. Since I don’t have insurance to help cover the cost of my insulin pump supplies so this association is a true life saver. If it wasn’t for them I would have to take shots everyday instead of using my insulin pump. When you are on an insulin pump and then have to return to taking shots to stay alive it is very hard to control your sugar levels. With the CR3 Diabetes Association I am able to keep the supplies that I need on hand. There needs to be more people out there to help fund CR3 Diabetes Association!  I want to send a BIG THANK YOU TO CR3 DIABETES ASSOCIATION FOR HELPING ME TO KEEP MY DIABETES UNDER CONTROL. You are truly a life saver!!!!!!!!

Dennis Hopkins

Swanesboro, GA

I use an insulin pump to control my diabetes.  I do not have health insurance and it has been a struggle to purchase my infusion sets.  I was so grateful to find out about the help offered by the CR3 Diabetes Association.  I was afraid I would have to stop using my pump if I could not find supplies that I could afford.  I would not be able to control my diabetes as well without my pump.  It is truly my lifeline.  I can now afford my infusion sets to continue to use my pump.  Thank you so much for helping me!

Janet Lee

Savannah, TN

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! With your assistance I am able to keep treating my diabetes with pump therapy. Withou your assistance I would not be able to afford to keep doing it.

Dan Bolt

Alamosa, CO

Hi my name is Brenda Lowery. I have been a diabetic since 1993. At first I was diagnosed as Type 2 but in the year of 2000 I was then diagnosed with Type 1 after I went into DKA.  I have had to face many struggles over the years as a result. I had lost my job, had no insurance, and things seemed to be taking a turn for the worse. Then my doctor suggested that I check out the CR3 Diabetes Association. This was the best decision that I could have made for my health and my life as well. I would like to thank everyone who makes this foundation possible, as well as all of those who have and continues to contribute money so that people who need help the most can receive it. I can never tell you personally how much this foundation means to me. It has given me my life back, my health back, as well as my family and friends. I now look at each new day as new opportunities. Thanks to everyone who has made this foundation possible. Thanks for all of the assistance I have received and also for receiving such wonderful products.  I am forever grateful.

Brenda Lowrey

Lumberton, NC

I have been receiving insulin pump supplies from CR3 Diabetes Association for a year and a half now.  Their help and support is essential for me since I have trouble regulating my diabetes without a pump and I currently have no health insurance. I graduated with a teaching degree two years ago and because of the bad economy I have been unable to find a job not only in my preferred field but also in a career with any health insurance. I cannot thank this association enough for helping me receive the diabetes care that I need.

Matthew McClellan

Brazil, IN

I’ve just received my 2nd order of test strips, and I can’t tell you how much we appreciate it! I was scoured the net looking for help with, getting discounted test strips for my husband, our pharmacy who was providing  his test strips, all of a sudden, they were asking for over $100, for a deductible, which  they never  asked for before. We are both on disability and money is always tight. My husband had  been put on an insulin pen, and started, taking it blind, because there was no way we could afford it. I am  myself,  a stroke survivor, and I constantly worried about him not knowing his levels and what could result from this. I came across the CR3 Diabetes Assoc., and I immediately sent the $ for the shipping, and got the delivery not long after. I sincerely appreciate the CRDA, You are a Godsend, and God willing, if we are ever in a position to donate to a charity, CR3 Diabetes will be first!

James McClain

Balto, MD

Hi….my name is Imani and this is my mom…..I’ve had type 1 diabetes since I was 10 months old. I’ve been wearing an insulin pump since I was two years old. My mom always purchased my product through mini med through the mail service. My parent’s recently separated and a strain was put on my mom’s finances, therefore she could no longer buy in bulk through the mail service. Mini med gave my mom the foundation’s information and it has worked tremendously. My mom and I are so thankful to have an alternate resource to help me with my supplies. Again, we are so thankful for The CR3 Diabetes Association, Inc. and what they are doing for our community.

Imani & Sonia Clark

Raleigh, NC

Thank you again so much for all of your help!! The pump has already made difference with my blood sugars. I haven’t had as many low blood sugars and my blood sugars have stabilized alot more than they had been. I still have to do a little more fine tuning on some of my rates but I am so happy to have the pump!! I have mentioned your organization to others that I have come into contact with, including my doctor so he can pass the info. on to some of his other patients. Thank you so much again for all that you do. I hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too!!

Jennifer Wood

Carrellton, GA

As a senior citizen on a fixed income, purchasing necessary diabetic supplies became almost impossible. Thanks to the CR3 Diabetes Association I am now able to afford the supplies needed without worrying about where these expenses will come from. From the very beginning all of the staff members have been very patient and helpful and have provided direction and assistance in the usually long process of obtaining these supplies from other medical supply providers. I can now wear my insulin pump with confidence knowing that the CR3 Diabetes Association is there to help!

Pam Vaughn

Belleville, IL

I am so thankful for the CR3 Diabetes Association. I have been a client of theirs for about a year now. It is a great feeling knowing that there is help for those of us who need insulin pump supplies at a lower cost. With every order I have made, the supplies have always been there. It is a blessing to talk to someone who understands the complications of being a diabetic and the determination it takes to make sure you stay healthy.Superior customer service is why I will keep using the CR3 Diabetes Assoc. I greatly appreciate everything they have done for me.

Melissa Yarborough

Redmond, OR

My family & I would like to thank the CR3 Diabetes Assoc for my insulin pump! The pump has helped me tramendously. My enegy level has greatly improved and it also has brought my glucose levels down and my A1C level down to a 7.0%. I can now move more freely without any worries and also keep up with my grandson. Thanks again Charles Ray III.

Janet Staats

Barberton, OH

In the last 2 years you have been a lifesaver with my needs   for insulin pump supplies.  Without your help I’d be under a bridge and on serious public support, you save this floundering economy money with your help and I am just one person who is reliant on your help.  I hope that you do get the the financial help needed to keep the CR3 Diabetes Association a strong service to those of us who need it.

Richard Stone

Seattle, WA

Dear CR3 Diabetes Association, I am so grateful I found out about you. I live on the pump.  I have been diabetic for 50 Years. As the years passed and diabetic care got better we got educated about our disease.  It wasn’t long before I was labeled brittle.   No matter what I did I couldn’t get my numbers right. Remember we didn’t even we had numbers prior to 1980’s. I was rigid in food intake, I lived on such a tight schedule that my whole extended family planned all the holiday meals around my dinner time. My mid-day meal was so odd that they didn’t want me to have to sit and watch everyone else eat.Oh enough of how I had to live to live. About 4 yrs ago I was very fortunate to get a Paradigm 722.  OMG after a FEW WEEKS I GOT REGULATED I had not been here since I was a child. A few years ago I lost my insurance and struggled to keep my pump operating. I had called everyone I knew of from my 50 years of experience. No one would help. One large company gave me 3 suggestions of who to call for help.  Thank God one of them was CR3 org.  The other 2 were absolutely not willing to help at all.  In a short period of time I was able to understand what I needed to do to get assistance from Charles for my pieces and parts for my pump. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without you and your foundations help I would no longer be here.  Anyone who reads this and can pass it along to corporations or  other groups that aid people, with Diabetes, please do so.

Sue Evans

Cuyahoga Falls, OH

The Charles Ray Foundation helped me get a new insulin pump and I am thrilled! I needed assistance because I was under insured. I thought it would be impossible to recieve a new one because of my lack of coverage, but the Charles Ray Foundation helped me do that. Now I can have the best control of my diabetes . If it wasn’t for this wonderful organization I wouldn’t have the quality of life I have today. Thank you Charles Ray Foundation , you are truly a blessing!

Monica Mendiola

Winston Salem, NC

The pump is working wonderfully and I am now under the care of a much better doctor who has trained me on the pump and has gotten my numbers under control. My husband and I are expecting a baby boy in October and are so thankful to have an insulin pump for this important time of our baby’s growth! Thank you once again and may God bless you!

Sandy Tatum

Wilmington, NC

I can’t thank you enough for the pump and your patience you have given to our family. Thomas was thrilled to receive the pump in the mail. Words aren’t enough to express our thanks to your and your organization!” Thanking you!  – Amanda Tombs (Mother of Thomas Tombs)

Tom Tombs

Queensland Australia

Hello, This is James V. I love the pump, it is so much more efficient. Thank you Charles Ray III

James Violet

New Hill, CA

Thank you Charles Ray! After many years I finally got my life back. With your help I can now do all the things I enjoyed before diabetes took control of my life. I went fishing for the first time in 2 years and the great part I did it alone with out worrying of low blood sugar. I cant wait to get back on my mountain bike , hiking, rock climbing and working life is now great better then I could have ever imagined. Thank you Charles Ray – Kim Bautel

From a Wife’s viewpoint:

Charles Ray you are truly the most caring person I know. Not only did you give my husband his life back you helped the whole family my husband can now work and enjoy our daughters active pre-teen life. We havent had this much fun in many years before the pump I was worried about complications with diabetes ending his life and now Im worried I want be able to keep up with him. Thank you if you ever need anything please let us know.  – Ann Bautel

Kim Bautel

Marble, NC

My name is Darnay Jointer. I have been on the insulin pump about 6 years. It’s the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m able to stabilize my blood sugars from being to low or to high. It’s made my life easier and my health is wonderful. I feel GREAT! And thanks to The Charles Ray III Diabetes Association for all their help and support!

Darney Jointer

Hi Mr. Ray, Thanks to Charles Ray III, I have been given the chance to manage my Diabetes in the very best way possible. By providing me with a Medtronic Insulin pump, Mr Ray has directly improved my quality of life and my control of this disease. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

April Gibson

Ontario, Canada

Dear Charles, Thank you for making Insulin pump therapy possible.

Irving Wiltsey

Grand Junction, CO

Mr. Ray,  I just wanted to say thank you again for your assistance with the insulin pump. As you know, it was a nerve-racking experience for me to deal with a pump that slowly degenerated and eventually quit working altogether. With your help, I was able to get back on track and enjoy a wonderful holiday season. Your graciousness throughout the process was immeasurable, and I wish only the best for you and your family this coming year.

Margie Jones

Louisville, KY

Dear Chuck – I can not say thank you enough! The pump has made such a difference in my life. When I was diagnosed and had to begin shots I really thought that I was not going to make it having to do 6 – 8 shots a day. After receiving the pump from the Charles Ray Diabetes Assoc. it turned everything around! I began to feel much better, had more energy because my glucose levels were being much better controlled. Again, thank you so much, I could not have been able to receive a pump without the Charles Ray Assoc.

Rachel Brown

Panacea, FL

I have been a diabetic for over 30 years.  I am currently employed at a job that does not have insurance coverage.  As you know, with diabetes I need to see a Dr. very oftern so they monitor my kidney function, blood pressure and other complications that may stem from diabetes.  At my previous job, I was able to get an insulin pump and supplies because I had insurance coverage.  Now that I no longer have coverage the prices of reservoirs and infusion sites were so high, that sometimes I would just have to give myself insulin shots. When I found out about The Charles Ray III Diabetes Association and that I could get supplies from them, I was so blessed. The products you are able to provide for me are like a “gift sent from heaven”.  I love the fact that each time I place an order you are always so helpful and prompt in processing my request.  Thank you so much for the assistance you offer and products that you make available to me.  This enables me to take better care of myself so I can be here for my family.  – Thank you again!

Lynn Web

I will never be able to thank the Charles Ray III Diabetes Association, Inc. for their kindness and generosity in donating my insulin pump. My life has changed so much in the last three months with my pump. From six needles a day to one every three days is quite an adjustment. My A1C count has gone from 14.8 to 7.3 and I feel incredible. With this organizations remarkable help and support I have achieved something I didn’t think was possible. My family and I will be forever grateful.

Barb Fontaine

Ontario, Canada

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